Introducing Revolution Roofing’s new and exclusive range of fencing. A choice of colours, styles and options achieving the best look to suit your lifestyle.

The Victory Fencing range is available in a variety of double sided colours. All fencing materials are manufactured to length and the new and exclusive bracket technology ensures ease of installation.

Exclusive NEW Victory Stockade Fencing from Revolution Roofing. It’s a revolutionary new range of all steel slat fencing providing a modern finish to your fence, while still providing the best security and privacy for you and your family. With custom slat and gap space sizes, Stockade is perfect for all occasions.

True Oak Superior Corrugated Fencing rounds out the list. Our exclusive range of corrugated fencing profiles are bold and striking in appearance with the strength and security required in fencing. Looking great from all perspectives, the distinct continuous curves create an ever changing shadow and ‘prison bar’ aesthetic unsurpassed in the industry.

Up to 40% stronger than standard corrugated fencing, the True Oak Fencing profiles provides unmatched strength reducing the likelihood of denting and increasing impact resistance from over screwing.

The only way you can be a good neighbour is with True Oak Superior Corrugated Fencing.

Roll with Rev By Design!

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