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At Revolution Roofing, we love innovation and fresh ideas. That probably explains why we have a continuous flow of new products onto the market like True Oak Superior Corrugated, EuroPlus Maxline and PolyPiu. Equally we love how people like you take our products and create exciting new constructions. We need your help with project tracking so that we can help you protect your specification.

Additionally, by using a licensed installer, you’re guaranteed of our exclusive warranties.

Please share your project details (including colour name) with us and we’ll send you a bottle of something to toast it with (or chocolates, if that’s not your thing). As much information as you can share with us, helps us both to track and protect the progress of the project through all its stages.

To share the information complete the Register a new project button or to update us with new details of a project you have all ready registered with us, click the Update an existing project button.

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