Gutter – Smoothback

Experiencing a sudden resurgence in popularity, this profile is about to arrive in the ‘Second Wave’ of brand new machines. Available in Zinc/Alum Steel, Nexteel™ Steel & Heritage Galvanised Z600 to match or contrast your roof. It is important to remember that we recommend all gutters slope towards the outlets (a minimum gutter fall of 1 in 500 is recommended). Without this slope, “ponding” may occur, reducing the life of your gutter.  The 150mm Smoothback Gutter uses internal brackets only, with no unsightly external brackets. It can also be easily mitred. Cross sectional area of 8,121mm2. The 150mm Smoothback Gutter is compatible with Internal Under Bead Straps and the Smoothback Universal Bracket. The high front is ideal for concealing sheet ends for a seamless finish. Available in customised lengths to suit any project for fast and easy installation.

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